Revealed: Google's "Industry Templates" for Revenue-Driven Algorithm Training

What is algorithm training? And why should I care?

Once upon a time, the main purpose of web analytics & conversions tracking was to keep score (largely for yourself). So you could have a readily available tally & know...

  • How much you're spending
  • What you're getting in terms of calls, forms, transactions
  • Whether campaigns were profitable or not, etc.

It was a revolution at the time. For those of us that remember the server log days of analytics... When Google bought Urchin & launched Google Analytics for FREE to the public in 2006...


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It was as if the heavens parted & showed us all the way not only to growth & profitability...

But it was also the way to finally quantify & justify marketing costs in an empirical way that executives could understand & get behind.

Many consider it the dawn of the modern performance marketer.

But as useful as it was, it was still fairly simple. Set it up, watch your numbers & if the cost-per was low enough, then you're good!

Just keep on growing.

Life was simple. And times were good.

Over the years, Google & Facebook's dominance (& data sets) have grown ...

They've both gone public & sworn a lifelong oath to create shareholder value, above all.

One day, some brilliant engineer had a thought....

"We have all this data... Advertisers are "telling" us what success looks like (by firing conversions)... why don't we just write some code to do all this "management" stuff for them?"

The idea had legs & word spread.

It showed up in the form of a dizzying stream of new features that largely had one thing in common... Taking control away from advertisers & giving it to Google.

Here are a few examples to jog your memory...

  • Broad match
    Choose your words & let Google decide when to show your ads
  • Responsive Ads
    Load up a bunch of headlines & let Google decide which to display
  • Ad Extensions
    Load up a bunch of different content & let Google decide which to display
  • Smart Goals
    Let Google decide which sessions & behaviors are most valuable
  • Dynamic Search Ads
    Upload your products & we'll serve up your ads whenever relevant
  • Close Variants
    Do you really mean exact? Not a big deal, Google knows better, trust us

Simultaneously, Google made some key data investments...

So that they could actually have the data to be more effective than a human at finding the right audience & showing them the right ad at the right time.

Consider the nearly infinite expanse of data that Google has on you...

  • Google Search
    We know everything you've ever searched (so creepy but so powerful)
  • Gmail
    We know all your friends, family & what you're talking about all day
  • Chrome
    We know every website you ever visit & all the details of your devices
  • Android
    We know how you're using your phone
  • Maps
    We know where you're going

The more you think about it, the creepier it gets.

But privacy & ethics aside, it's quite a brilliant strategy if your mission is to organize & make accessible control the world's advertising budget.

And hence, Facebook, Amazon & other major names ran the same playbook.

So here we are... Entering a new era once again -- the age of algorithms, machine-learning & robot-driven performance marketers.

Similar to the dawning era, those that move quickly & decisively will have a leg up. And it may be difficult or impossible for the slower-movers to catch up.

Luckily, it's still very early innings. So if you feel behind the times, don't worry.

Algorithm Training 101

Algorithm training (aka, data signaling, aka "training the robots") is the idea of more effectively communicating business outcomes back to the ad networks (namely, Google/YouTube & Facebook/Instagram) ... So as to harness their massive datasets & robust machine learning engines to find more & more customers that are perfect for you.

It's a compelling promise. And it makes a lot of sense ....

Take this following example:

100 people click on your Google Ad
10 of those 100 convert (e.g. submit a form) & become a lead
1 of those 10 turn into a paying customer

If you're like most advertisers, you have Conversions set to track & fire back to Google anytime somebody fills out that form.

So you're effectively telling GoogleBot: "Of those 100 clicks, these 10 are valuable"

But what you most likely did NOT communicate to Google's algorithms ... was that the ONE that became a customer is by FAR more valuable than the other 9 that just became a lead.

You may have celebrated the win on your Zoom call... But nobody ever told Google.

Thus, they're taking all 10 leads, crunching a model together & going after the top 10%.

Wouldn't you rather send Google on a quest to find that top 1% if you could?

That's what algorithm training is designed to do.

Of course, in real life things are more complicated.

In any given purchase journey, there are a series of on- & off-line actions or behaviors that are inherently valuable to advertisers...

And currently, not many advertisers are paying attention (and/or pinging back to Google).

Examples to illustrate the point

We won't get into the technical "how to" of tracking or firing events. Instead, we'll highlight what Google internally calls the  "Lead-to-sale" journey.

If you can get it working for you (& not against you), it holds a lot of promise.


About These Templates

Our Google rep just shared these industry-specific templates that you can use to optimize for your "lead-to-sale" process. We thought you might like to apply them for your Google Ads account, so we decided to share them here. 🙂

Look below to find the template that applies to your industry. If you have any questions about how to apply these templates for your ads, feel free to shoot your account manager a note (if you're a WebMechanix customer) or schedule a time to consult with our team here

"Lead-to-Sale" Templates by Industry

Finance / Insurance

Loans - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

This template is ideal for any non-mortgage type lenders, offering products such as personal loans, auto loans, student loans, etc.

Mortgages - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

Use this template for any kind of home loan / mortgage, including refinance loans, VA loans, jumbo loans, FHA loans, reverse mortgages, etc.

Insurance - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

Apply this template if you sell any type of insurance, such as home insurance, car insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, umbrella insurance, travel insurance, etc.

Banking - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

This template is perfect for banks & credit unions who want to get consumers to sign up for a new business or checking account.


Healthcare - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

This template is suited for any healthcare organization that accepts patients. Some use cases include hospitals, telemedicine, specialist care providers, cancer centers, functional medicine & wellness providers, dentists / orthodontists & elective surgery providers, among others.

B2B / Software / Tech

B2B Software - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

This is the perfect template for any B2B SaaS company that uses demos or free trials to book new revenue. It can also be useful for many B2B services & consultants whose clients follow a similar lead-to-sale journey (e.g. "free consultation" or "free quote").

Job Recruiting

Job Recruiting - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

If your company is looking to fill (a lot of) open job positions, this is the template to use to bring in more/better candidates.


Education - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

If you're a college, university, trade school, private K-12 school, online school, bootcamp or training program, use this template to grow your application pool & enroll more students.

Real Estate

Real Estate - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

Use this template if you're a real estate broker looking for seller leads or buyer leads that won't kick the tires & will actually close.

Law Firms

Law Firms - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

This template is ideal for lawyers & law firms of any kind to book more cases. Examples include personal injury / malpractice lawyers, criminal defense attorneys, divorce lawyers, tax & bankruptcy lawyers, etc.


Travel - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

This template is ideal for travel agents & travel booking sites (think Expedia, AirBnB, Trivago, etc.)


Car Sales - Google Lead to Sale Journey Template

This template is great for automotive dealerships where a sale starts online & ends in person.


It's time to take action. Grab the template above that works best for your business or industry & start building your lead-to-sale journey out in Google Ads. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. 🙂

(By the way, we're here to help if you need it. Just give us a shout!)